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Hello there...

Hi I'm Carissa. Flower nut, Pinterest addict and lover of all things cake. 

I've always loved baking, but it wasn't until a friend asked me to make her wedding cake that I ever considered it as a career. Somehow, my first wedding cake ended up in White Magazine & Hello May. The cake gods were looking down on me that day, and I decided to 'bake' my dreams a reality.


8 years later, my passion has become my craft, and my love for baking continues to grow. I've worked with so many incredible clients, but my most memorable would be the late Honourable Bob Hawk.  


In 2018, I moved to London and was a breath of fresh air for couples looking to do something different than the expected Victoria sponge Wedding Cake. I learnt so much, but after moving back home in 2021, I found a new appreciation for the incredibly unique wedding culture we have here in Australia.

Honestly, there is no better compliment than someone telling me 'they aren't really a cake person' as they ask for a second piece. I'm so passionate about making sure every slice is perfection. It's the reason I make everything from scratch. No pre-made junk full of weird stuff, just real, high quality ingredients.

There's more to my story of course, but I'd love to find out more about yours! I so look forward to hearing all about you, and making you part of CAKED journey.

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