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Missed out on my tasting boxes? Or perhaps you only want to try a single flavour?

Mini tasting cakes are available year round for clients wishing to select flavours.


Mini cakes yeild upto 5 modest slices of cake for you to enjoy.


Gluten free and Vegan options available.





Orders require a minimum 7 days notice and are subject to availability based on my baking schedule. I will be in touch to arrange a time.


Currently Mini cakes are available for pickup only (Panania 2213) but if delivery is required, please get in touch before placing your order and we will see what we can do.




Choosing your flavour:


Mini tasting cakes include 1 x 'cake' flavour and 1 x 'buttercream/filling' option. You can choose to add another 'buttercream/filling' filling option. If you wish to try another 'cake' flavour, you will need to order an additional cake.







Mini Cake Taster

GST Included
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